The Elder Scrolls: GURPS - Monsters

The Elder Scrolls has a strong and varied roster of monsters, ranging from traditional fantasy tropes to some very unique creatures.

Where The Elder Scrolls really differentiates itself from other fantasy universes is the demons, or Daedra. There are sixteen Daedric Princes who rule over their own dimensions (realms of Oblivion), and don't often walk on the earth itself; these are covered in more detail on the Religion page.

Meanwhile there are many types of lesser daedra, who do walk on (or fly over) mortal soil. They can be summoned, or they can arrive from Oblivion through tears in the universe. Almost without exception, daedra are antagonistic to mortals, and will attack on sight against all but overwhelming odds. They can all be killed (some more easily than others), but do not die completely; their spirit returns to Oblivion, where they will stay unless they find a way to cross over again.

The monsters included on this page represent only a small fraction of the bestiary in the Elder Scrolls games, and an even smaller fraction of the total creatures which may inhabit the universe. I'll add more as and when I make them.

Below are links to pdfs and GCA4 files (see the Tools page for more info on GCA4). The pdfs aren't great in terms of layout or pictures, but I may update them later. Most of them carry an alchemy ingredient, listed under "Armor & Possessions"; this is useful if you're using the more complicated Alchemy rules give on this site.


Scamp (GCA4) Clannfear (GCA4) Hunger (GCA4)
Spider Daedra (GCA4) Winged Twilight (GCA4) Daedroth (GCA4)
Flame Atronach (GCA4) Frost Atronach (GCA4) Storm Atronach (GCA4)
Dremora (Kynval) (GCA4) Xivilai (GCA4) Storm Atronach
(lightning form)

Other Monsters

Goblin (GCA4) Goblin Warlord (GCA4) Ogre (GCA4)
Skeleton (GCA4) Headless Zombie (GCA4)