The Elder Scrolls: GURPS - Alchemy and Enchantment

In the Elder Scrolls world, magic is inherent in just about everything. Even a simple apple has magical properties which can be distilled into magical potions by those with the skill. Any living creature has a soul, and souls can be harnessed to provide power for powerful enchantments.


Alchemy in Elder Scrolls is kind of a mix of the Alchemy skill (GURPS Characters p.174) and the Herb Lore skill (GURPS Characters p.199). Treat it as the Alchemy skill, but with the Herb Lore ability to obtain simpler ingredients from the wild.

I tried to replicate the Alchemy skill as it exists in Morrowind. In my opinion, I overcomplicated it; I eventually let the alchemists just roll on their skill to acquire the ingredients for common potions when they were in the wilderness, and demanded that they harvest the organs of creatures (such as daedra) for more powerful potions. But if you want to try to make the complicated Alchemy skill work, have a look at my draft rules. I expect that the numbers will need some balancing.

Alchemy Rules (untested) Adobe PDF icon


I'm more convinced of my Enchantment rules, although they came up only rarely so far. You can buy, or commission, enchantments from anybody with the skill; but you're far better off doing it yourself, if you can. Enchantment in TES:G is a Very Hard IQ-based skill, rather than a spell, but otherwise functions the same.

Enchantment Rules Adobe PDF icon